Rug care


Rugs made from recycled plastic are very easy to maintain. The pile is hard-wearing, straightforward to clean and stain resistant. If you do spill anything on your rug, a dry or damp cloth should be enough to lift the stain. Recycled plastic rugs are prone to shedding in the first few months as they settle, you will find this occurs in wool rugs too. We recommend that you vacuum your rug once a week to help remove the shedding fibres using a suction only vacuum cleaner, avoiding any spinning head attachments.


The more you use and walk over the rug the quicker it will flatten out. This can take anything from a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of rug you have purchased. You can sometimes speed this process up by rolling the rug in the opposite direction to the way it was rolled in its packaging (pile outwards) and leave it somewhere warm (such as near a radiator) for 24 hours.

Download our complete care guide here