Art rugs from the heart of Manchester

The name of the collective symbolises our journey so far and our reason for existing - the Knot in a rug, a joining, a bond and the bringing together of 4 key strands: creativity, craft, collaboration and charity.

The Knot Collective is a boutique rug design studio that creates limited edition handwoven rugs. Designed in house or working with some of the world's most influential graphic designers, artists and interior designers - we create beautiful rugs that transform any floor into works of contemporary art.

The Knot Collective was founded by Mark and Sinead Hanlon whose love for textiles, graphic design, art, fashion and interiors have been combined to create a passion project that rolls out on the floor. Their journey has taken them across the world, growing their expertise in design and manufacture whilst all the time creating rugs that demand attention, change perception and offer good quality textiles for the homes of people that appreciate handmade over mass produced. 

The studio works closely with its mills in Nepal and India which have been hand-picked not only for their skill, but also for their ethical practices and shared mission to abolish child labour and enhance the lives of their weavers.

We hope you enjoy our rugs.

Mark & Sinead