Design-focused rugs created exclusively for your interior


Add the final touch of perfection to your interior project with a bespoke rug

Roll out and enjoy an exclusive rug designed to perfectly fit within your interior. We create one-of-a-kind luxury rugs that line the floors of some of the world’s most exciting properties.

Our bespoke service offers exclusivity and discretion, delivering artisanal excellence, tailored to your exact requirements.

Each rug we make has a responsibility to the environment created from eco-friendly materials.

Receive a complimentary design consultation and samples for your project. Find out more below.


Rugs in any size, shape, colour or design

Each rug we make is tailored to our client’s needs and the possibilities are truly endless. Whatever your need, we can create the rug that’s perfect for you.

Whether it’s square or shaped, plain or colourful or uses simple or highly complex designs - each rug is specifically tailored to the project so that when it is finally rolled out it will fit perfectly into its space.


The Knot Collective provided our property some of the most amazing rugs. They worked with us and created 4 rugs to fit our space with design and colours that worked perfectly with our interior styling, and are now outstanding rugs that now sit on our floors.

Karen Moore


A creative journey

Be part of an exciting creative journey where you can be involved as little or as much as you like.

With a bespoke rug you can let your imagination run wild and our professional team will transform your idea into a beautiful rug. Whatever your idea we can explore the infinite possibilities of colour, design, technique and materials and bring to life a rug personal to you.

From the height of the pile to the type of weave. You have the chance to dictate to us the fundamental details of your rug and be part of an age old creative process.


Just this minute arrived. Wow! Wow! Wow! I'll get back to you when I've come down from the ceiling!

Jane Barnard-Smith



We only work with the most prestigious mills in the world who employ the finest weavers.

Their rug making skill is steeped in ancient history and is a process that has not changed for thousands of years and passed down from generation to generation, ensuring your rug is of the finest quality.

We are a full memeber of Goodweave ensuring your rug is child labour free



Each rug we create has a responsibility to the environment and the future of our planet.

We use a number of earth friendly materials to create our rugs. From sustainable and ethically sourced wool to yarn created from mountains of recycled plastic drinks bottles.

We believe it’s time for change and we must all do our part in the fight against post consumer waste.


The rug arrived today and we absolutely love it. Quality, softness and colours are fantastic - it's beautiful! 

Pete Mchugh


We’d love to hear about your rug

Receive a complimentary design consultation and samples for your project

The Knot Collective is a passionate design studio and would love to hear from you.

The most important thing is the quality of our rugs - so contact us below to receive a complimentary design consultation with initial mood boards and rug ideas for your project.

Join us in the fight against plastic and animal welfare.

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