add a touch of perfection to your interior with a bespoke handwoven rug


we create bespoke design-focused rugs for exciting and innovative residential interiors

Join us on a creative journey where each handwoven rug we create is designed to fit perfectly within its surroundings, becoming a one-of-a-kind masterpiece personal to its owner.

We work closely with our clients with regular meetings and creative workshops that greatly benefit the creative process throughout a project and the quality of your final rug.



Each rug has its own story to tell. Woven into the very fabric is a conceptual idea based on its surroundings. Creating not just an art piece that sits nicely within a space but a focal point that has a deeper connection to be enjoyed at a higher level.

Each rug has also an ecological story to tell in how it has been created from sustainable materials into a beautiful product to be loved and cherished for many years to come.

Here’s how we create our rugs…


inspiration & IDEAS

The first and one of the most important parts to a project is understanding the inspiration you have for your rug.

This is the start of an exciting creative journey where you can let your imagination run wild. We’ll work closely with you to transform and develop any ideas you might have into what will become your beautiful rug.

The possibilities are truly endless.


design development

The second stage of this journey is creating the design of your rug. Here our award winning design team will take the idea that’s been developed and transform it into a beautiful design.

Using the latest rug design software we’ll create an accurate rendition of your rug knot for knot so you can see how it will look… exactly.



Pete Mchugh


Colour workshops and sampling

Once the design has been finished we move into the colour and sampling stages. This is a very important part of the process and one of the most enjoyable.

Here you can immerse yourself in thousands of POMS to select the perfect colours for your project. These are then sent to our mill to be woven as samples where you’ll be able to see first hand how your rug will look and make any necessary changes.


weaving your rug

Once your happy with the design and have signed off the sample - it’s time for your rug to be woven.

We work with the most prestigious mills in the world who employ the finest weavers.

Their rug making skill is steeped in ancient history and is a process that has not changed for thousands of years and passed down from generation to generation, ensuring your rug is of the finest quality and will match the design and colours perfectly.


The Knot Collective provided our property some of the most amazing rugs. They worked with us and created 4 rugs to fit our space with design and colours that worked perfectly with our interior styling, and are now outstanding rugs that sit on our floors.

Karen Moore


delivery and installation

Once your rug has been finished we’ll work out the best time to have it delivered to your door.

We have an experienced teams of fitters should you need them, who will install your rug perfectly, giving you the peace of mind that your rug is in good hands though out the duration of the project.


rug care and protection

We provide an aftercare package and eco-friendly rug protection that can be added to your rug.

We’ve partnered in with one of the best rug protection and cleaning companies that exclusively provide services to high-end and antique rugs all across the Northwest to ensure your rug can be protected at the highest level.


Just this minute arrived. Wow! Wow! Wow! I'll get back to you when I've come down from the ceiling!

Jane Barnard-Smith


Award winning team

Having worked in London and won some of the most coveted awards in the creative industry, Mark & Sinead Hanlon turned their passion for design and conceptual thinking into a rug design studio in 2012.

Since then they have been lucky enough to have worked all across the UK and the world producing luxury rugs for exciting and innovative interior projects.


global impact

We are a partner of Goodweave which ensures your rug is only made by adult artisans.

Each rug we create has a responsibility to the environment and the future of our planet.

We use a number of earth friendly materials to create our rugs. From sustainable and ethically sourced wool to yarn created from mountains of recycled plastic drinks bottles.


this september receive our idea, design and sampling development free of charge

This September we’re offering our design & development stages of a project free of charge. This includes the inspiration & ideas workshop, rug design & development and the colour workshop & rug sampling all for FREE.

Contact us below to and we’ll get in contact with you to find out a little more about your rug.

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